We are starting off the year in our Milan showroom in partnership with the Sudestasi contemporary art gallery, based in Italy. Starting tomorrow, Thursday, 30 January, and through 19 June, a series of four exhibits, curated by Angelo De Grande and Ciro Salinitro, will be on display in our showroom located in the historic centre of the Brera district.

Its purpose is to combine works of art and light to create different and unique spaces in a setting that is both elegant and domestic, offering all the best features of a home. Marset lamps will be used to spotlight the works of great contemporary artists like Andrea Ventura, Giuseppe Ragazzini and Paolo Greco, showcasing the art in a setting as novel and elegant as it is familiar.

During the Salone del Mobile, a collective exhibit will be on display with works from a selection of Sicilian artists that are already part of the Sudestasi contemporary gallery.


Milano, January 30th 2020

Art in Light un binomio inscindibile

Marset Showroom: Via dell’Annunciata, 29, Milano

Andrea Ventura – Interni [January 30th – March 6th]
Paolo Greco – Radial [March 12th – April 17th]
Salone del Mobile – Collettiva Sudestasi Contemporanea [ Aprile 20th -26th]
Giuseppe Ragazzini – Collages e Dintorni [May 7th – June 19th]