Young Talents x Marset

It’s a kind of magic

A project by Robin Stein & Sonia Rentsch with the Theia collection
Interview by Emmy Koski

To express the beauty and fascination Sonia (set designer) and Robin (photographer) feel for natural light and its ever-changing presence, they created an abstract environment with a range of unusual valances and fabrics. The presence of the human body creates movement, tension and harmony with every gesture, underlying the fundamental shape-shifting nature of the Theia lamp. In the realization of this campaign for the Theia lamp, the following concepts have emerged:

“The Greek goddess of the sun, the moon and the dawn. Illustrating her changing faces through the use of expressive human hands we envisioned the possibility that Theia come to life – limbs extending from drapery with an imagined body beyond.”

Sonia Rentsch

“Balancing both sun and moon we incorporated both white and black palms as versions of night and day – the merging of both light and shadow into one personality.”

Sonia Rentsch

“I think what’s powerful about working in a visual medium like photography or design is that storytelling can take on more ambiguous, interpretive and nuanced forms than it can in many written or more literal formats. I think this allows a development of stories in an intuitive and non-linear way – I think that allows you to get at some ideas that exist in a less tangible realm – they exist in a sort of grey area of meaning and non-linear narratives. ”

Robin Stein
Marset Young Talents

Born from a desire to explore artistic fields and expand our perception 
of the brand, Marset’s new initiative ​Young Talents f​osters meaningful collaborations with emerging artists. Beyond the product itself, Marset embraces the beauty of light, inviting artists to interpret their designs in personal, exploratory ways to capture new meanings.

Sonia​​ is an Art Director and Still Life Artist with a keen eye for detail and a talent for the idiosyncratic. She spent her childhood growing up in the sandstone mountains of the Australian Grampians, jumping fences, swimming in dams and dirt bike riding around the roads near her family home – on the side of an extinct volcano. After studying Industrial Design in Melbourne, and 10 years working as an industrial designer, she found her niche cutting her teeth on still life in Berlin. Sonia is inspired by the intangible beauty of life. Her finely honed attention to detail, colour, texture and form have earned her commissions for a diverse range of brands and titles.

Robin​​ is a New York based photographer producing editorial, commercial and documentary photography and video. Born in Los Angeles, Robin was exposed to a vibrant art world at a young age, and before long he was making art himself. He started doing photography at 14, as well as producing zines, posters, music videos, and curating small exhibitions. Along the way, he has established a bold personal style, playing with depth and colour to create images that resist conventionality. His still life shots are textured and dynamic, experimenting with angle, perspective and space.

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