Young Talents x Marset

The functional decomposition of the object

A project of Josefina Sierra Guzmán in collaboration with Dani Pujalte

Set designer Josefina Sierra Guzmán evokes the decomposition of the object in her photographic series shot by Dani Pujalte. The object in question, the Bohemia lamp, is a unique, massive new design by Joan Gaspar. She plays with its metracrylatic appearance, creating tension with other objects and textures by creating constructions that unite different pieces in an intuitive, yet abandoned logic. The result is several intriguing compositions, delicately poised in a state of equilibrium – a free dialogue between materiality, form and colour.

“I feel that I have a deep attraction for some objects that originates from the beginning, I think that everything starts from there and then mutates. It has to do with a very intuitive composition, trials and errors, a very specific selection of objects and the search for ways to tell short stories through them. I have fetish elements, which I can’t overcome and which are always in the compositions I make. Elements that fascinate me and I can’t help but be moved when I use them. In general, these are what I call iconic objects, the most generic, standard and pure representation of an element, even those found or abandoned, the mixture of living and dead, the natural and the artificial.”

Josefina Sierra Guzmán

I think there is something very rich that happens when you “decompose” an object, leave aside its functionality and analyze it from a formal perspective. To work punctually with the bohemian lamp was to focus on its size, shape, materiality and colour. Think of it as a giant bright red circle and propose ways of relating it to other abstract objects and materials that are not a direct part of the logical universe of the lamp as a product. There is a strong idea of duality in this project, opposing materialities, soft and rigid, hard and organic forms, also in the scale of objects. I believe that all these variants are what generate rhythm and tension in the photos, a system of abstract objects that function in a dialogue.


Josefina Sierra Guzmán
Marset Young Talents

“I wanted to work from the functional decomposition of the object , to concentrate on materiality, form and color. I abandoned logic to compose a series based on the free dialogue between objects.”

Josefina Sierra Guzman is a Barcelona-based, Argentine-born artist. She studied fashion and textile design, and then specialized in art direction. Her work is linked with set designs, still life and object construction; Josefina’s practice focuses on experimentation and on the constant development of projects and concepts through collaborations with different brands, photographers and artists.

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